On 27 May 2021, the Deputy Premier of New South Wales, John Barilaro, instituted defamation proceedings against Jordan Shanks and also remarkably Google/YouTube.

After we were served with Mr Barilaro’s paperwork, a unit from the NSW Counter-Terrorism Command (Fixated Persons Unit) arrested our producer, Kristo Langker. They illegally entered his mother’s home assaulting her and his partner, leaving them injured and traumatised.

Kristo is enduring the most draconian bail conditions imaginable and risks being sent to gaol if he dares utter Barilaro’s name. These dual attacks by the Deputy Premier to financially break us and sending counter-terrorism police to intimidate us has made our important political work almost impossible to do.

But within the boundaries of the law, we will not be silenced.
We need your help.

We have instructed Xenophon Davis to represent us in these multiple legal proceedings.

All donations will be transferred into the Xenophon Davis trust account. Funds will be held in trust and only used for legal fees and expenses.



For direct transfers, payments can be made to the following account:
Account Name: Jordan Shanks - Markovina
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$1 million crowd funded for friendlyjordies legal defence
against NSW Deputy Premier.

"We believe these cases go to the heart of a citizen’s right to challenge, investigate and criticise politicians. We are inspired by this level of support.”
-Xenophon Davis

“A huge thank you to everyone that has supported us over the past month. We will never forget this generosity. We have received more than 24,000 individual donations – that’s more people than who first voted John Barilaro into Parliament. We know the public is on our side in this battle.”

-Jordan Shanks


Today marked the first directions hearing for Barilaro v Shanks.

Statement from Jordan Shanks regarding today's proceedings:
On the 3rd of June 2021 Paul Svilans of Mark O’Brien Legal served me a statement of claim that in my view was defective, late and laden with errors. The day after, on the whim of Paul’s client, my employee Kristo was violently arrested and his family assaulted for merely attempting to correct Paul's errors. 

After being imprisoned, Kristo was released only to be placed under the most draconian bail conditions that prohibited him from even working on my defence. 
I didn’t have a team of lawyers immediately ready to go to defend myself against any of these obscene abuses of the legal system instigated by John Barilaro.

After all this, Barilaro’s Barrister Sue Chrysanthou (who’s also Christian Porter’s Ex Barrister) is complaining that I filed my defence 3 days late. 
In my view, this is a disgusting and disingenuous stalling tactic that only serves to highlight the desperation of John Barilaro and his legal team, who appear to be too afraid to fight my defence on its merits.


Update from Xenophon Davis regarding John Barilaro's defamation suit against Jordan:

Barilaro v Shanks defence filed at the Federal Court yesterday. We are pleased to announce that Dr Matt Collins QC is joining the team as lead counsel. An important case defending the rights of citizens to report on, investigate or criticise politicians. First directions tomorrow.


Kristo Langker has his first day in court. Most of his gag orders are lifted.
The work on beating the charges lies ahead.


The video "arrested" is released on the friendlyjordies YouTube page
drawing attention to Kristo Langker's arrest by the Fixated Persons Unit


Kristo Langker, producer for friendlyjordies, is arrested by the
Fixated Persons Unit. He is charged with two offences of “stalk or intimidate intending to cause fear of physical or mental harm” towards John Barilaro.


John Barilaro, deputy premier of NSW, files to sue Jordan Shanks of friendlyjordies for defamation.

Barilaro has taken issue with this series of videos.