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Barnaby Joyce Loses Leadership of the National Party

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Barnaby Joyce has lost his position as leader of the National Party following a post-election leadership vote. David Littleproud has now accepted the role, with Perin Davey serving as his deputy. Mr. Joyce's position came into in doubt following his suggestions that the party abandon support for the net zero emissions target.

Former Leader of the National Party, Barnaby Joyce, foregrounded with text

Other coalition figures had made public their interest for the position including Bridget Archer and former National Party leader, Michael McCormack, who had not ruled out attempting to retake the position.

Water Scandal

As Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Joyce signed off on the federal government buying water from a Cayman Islands company created by his colleague, Energy Minister Angus Taylor. The government spent $80,000,000 on the water purchase which was evaluated to be only worth between $40,000,000 and holding no value at all.

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