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Bikies, Barilaro and the Building Commissioner

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The strange bedfellows of Coronation Property Co.


“Not even god is going to stop me doing what I am going to do to you. I know where your parents live and I know you have a dog. I’m going to stab it."

Police alleged that this threat was made in March 2009 by a notorious bikie who for legal reasons we can’t name, so we’ll refer to him as Tony K. The poor man who received the threat was a plumber by the name of Stephen Toy.

It might read like a line from a Scorsese movie but what police allege follow this threat leads to a much larger story, a story that includes phone taps, armed raids and multiple arrests. Years down the line some of the characters involved in this story will end up working with some of the most senior political and business figures in the country.

Court documents viewed by friendlyjordies detail an alleged dispute over money wherein Stephen Toy claims to periodically lend a man by the name of Andy Nahas a few hundred dollars. It is claimed that Stephen lends the money because Andy is owed $4500 by another man, whilst also being in debt $1000 to Bikie Tony K.

For an unspecified reason this apparently leads Tony K to pursue Stephen Toy for the money. Toy refuses to heed to Tony K’s demands… then he gets this call.

The following is an excerpt from Stephen Toy’s police statement:

Tony said, “Where are you now? I will come and see you.”

I said, “No, mate, nup.”

Tony said, “not even God is going to stop me doing what I'm going to do to you. I know where your parents live. And I know you have a dog. I'm going to stab it.”

I said, “Okay, mate. No worries. Are you finished?”

Tony said in Arabic. “ I'm going to fuck your God.”

I said, “no worries, mate.”

I could hear a male voice in the background say, “we're going to your parents house. We'll see you there.”

According to Police statements nothing comes of this threat until a few weeks later when Andy Nahas demands to meet Stephen Toy at Guildford Red Rooster. At around 6pm on the 15th of April 2009 Toy pulls into Red Rooster to meet Nahas. When Toy arrives both Nahas’ silver Camry and a black Commodore pull in. The black Commodore stops and four men get out. At this stage Toy can only recognise one of them. Tony K. They walk towards his car.

Tony pulled the Glock out of the front of his pants and I watched as he cocked the gun. This all happened in a matter of seconds. One of the males opened the passenger door. It would have opened about 30 centimeters I leant over and pulled the door shut and locked it. I sped off. I drove out of the car park and turned left.

Toy’s statement claims a car chase ensues, this also appears to be verified by the police as their statement reads: CCTV footage from Merrylands Railway Station depicts a white van on the wrong side of the road followed closely by a silver sedan.

At this point Stephen believes that he’s lost his pursuers which he claims include Andy Nahas, Tony K and a few other men. This leads him to drop the work van he was driving off at it’s owners house and walk off. Yet apparently as he got to a road just down from the house, Andy Nahas’ silver Camry pulled up.

The people in this car are close enough for Toy to recognise now.

Note: Names have been changed.

Tony K, Andy Nahas and George B, a bloke by the name of Olsen and another male got out of the car.

I got into a verbal argument with Tony and Olsen. We were yelling at one another. I remember him saying it was no longer about the money. It was about principle and I had made Tony look like a Gronk.

Olsen walked towards me and I shaped up and got ready to fight. Tony pulled the Glock out of the front of his pants and cocked it back. Tony said, “ give me your phones.”

I handed Tony my personal mobile telephone. Tony and Olsen then grabbed me and pushed me into the backseat of the car. I was sitting in the centre of the backseat and Tony was sitting on one side and Olsen was on the other.

They were yelling at Nahas saying “get fucked. We will return the car when we feel like it.”

George B drove off and Nahas was left on the side of the road. One of them put a jumper over my head and forced me to lean down forward. I don't know which one it was. Whilst my head was down, I was repeatedly smashed in the face and head. I immediately felt severe pain in my head. The car drove for about 15 minutes. I was assaulted the whole time whilst the car was moving. I do not know who was assaulting me as my head was covered. I felt the car pull into the driveway. Moments later the car stopped and I heard all four doors open. One of the males said, “ Shut up. Don't say a word, put your head down.”

Someone tried to pull me out of the right hand side of the car. I hung on to the centre console. I didn't want to get out. I eventually turned my body and tried to get out. I put my right leg out the door. When I put my left leg out, I felt someone grab it and twist my left foot inwards. This was extremely painful. And I thought my leg was going to break. As they were twisting my leg, I turned on to my stomach and crawled out of the car.

Stephen’s statement then alleges that he is repeatedly assaulted and threatened whilst held against his will in this garage by Tony K, including being punched in the face, hit with a four by two wooden plank, having his face stood on and stabbed.

At one point Stephen details a conversation he heard between Tony, Olsen and another bikie we can’t name.

“What are we going to do with him?” “Just cut him up and chuck him in the river.”

Yet that might not be most disturbing part of Stephen’s statement, perhaps it's what happens after.

Tony said “go and get the bolt cutters. We are going to cut your toes off and send them to your mum.”

I screamed, “No, no, no, no” and started kicking and moving.

Tony K said “okay, we won't do that. We will cut your finger off and send it to your mum. You won't bleed though because we will burn the metal and hold it where we cut your finger off and it will stop the bleeding.”

Tony K then said “look up.”

I could see he was holding a piece of sponge. It was like greeny colour and it looked like an underlay. He said “put this in your mouth so you don't scream when we cut your finger off.”

I could see Tony K was holding a pair of garden shears and had them open around my left thumb. I thought he was going to cut my left thumb off. He just stopped and let me go.

Tony K then said “ you have two options. You can either let me shoot you in both of your knees and we will drop you off at the hospital and let you go or you can think of who is going to come up with $50,000 for us.”

I said “I don't know who's going to have that kind of money, mate. And I don't have my phone and can't go through it.”

Tony K said “well, think of someone and I will leave you here for a few hours. You are a waste of time and having you here is a risk because people will start to know.”

Stephen’s first statement then details multiple phone calls between him and his mother in a desperate attempt to raise the $50k. Seemingly after these fail one of the men gets spooked and releases Stephen, but only after he’s spent a night locked up in the garage.

After being released, Stephen goes to his parents house then immediately to hospital presumably to be treated for the following problems his night with Tony K left him with.

  • Broken left eye socket;

  • Head trauma;

  • Severe bruising to face and eyes;

  • Stab wound to the left side of his chest;

  • Cut to his right eyebrow;

  • Severe bruising to both his arms;

  • Constant headache;

  • Chipped front lower teeth;

  • Severe swelling to face, eyes, neck and arms.

But the ordeal apparently isn’t over for Stephen, as police allege that whilst he was being treated in hospital a group of men came looking for him.

Stephen then makes two statements to the Police, one on the 18th of April and another on the 24th - the second one I just read the bulk of. This seemingly leads police to wiretap the phones of the accused and Stephen.

On the 9th of May Stephen Toy texts Andy Nahas the following

‘U had nothing to do with it I told I had seen u b4 I was going to my mums house and then I drove off and then stopped to make a call then I got bashed and robbed and when I was in hospital they thought I was a bikie and everything I’m not I just told them I got bashed and robbed bro I didn’t mean to put you in.’

‘I told them it had nothing to do with u I just seen u quickly b4 it happened that’s it…’

‘I was full fukd in hospital on morphine and I had three detectives screaming at me bro I gave em the biggest blow ass story man im sori that they busted your balls.’

The Police statement also details phone calls:

Lawfully intercepted telephone communications recorded extensive phone conversations/SMS messages between ANDY NAHAS and STEPHEN TOY in relation to the kidnapping. Further conversations/SMS contact was then had between ANDY NAHAS and TONY K. On one occasion, 9 May 2009, during an exchange of a number of SMS messages between ANDY NAHAS and STEPHEN TOY about the offence, STEPHEN TOY indicated that he is interstate. ANDY NAHAS called TONY K and relayed the information from the SMS messages. During this call ANDY NAHAS refers to STEPHEN TOY as ‘that bitch’ and ‘that girl’. He also tells TONY K “he reckons he is interstate”. TONY K says “Where’s interstate?” ANDY NAHAS says words to the effect of “I dunno… we’re fuckin’ going on a holiday cuz”. TONY K says “Alright, bye”. Conversations have also been intercepted between ANDY NAHAS and GEORGE B.

Three days later on the 12th of May about 20 heavily armed police raid the homes of Tony K and three other suspects. Arresting and charging Tony K, George B, Andy Nahas and Olsen with kidnapping offenses.

What happens next is bizarre.

On the 15th of June 2009, the police receive a letter from Stephen Toy’s lawyer advising them that Stephen no longer wished to be a witness:

Our client instructs us that he does not wish to pursue any allegations he may have made, nor does he wish to participate in any other interview by police, nor does he wish to become embroiled in any criminal prosecution as a witness.

There are very little documents friendlyjordies has managed to view until August and September 2010, the most interesting being this one, dated 6th of September 2010 where a police officer from the gangs squad makes the following statement:

Between the 2 August and 6 September 2010, I made numerous attempts to locate Stephen Toy including attending his last known premises. Every time I attended these premises no persons were home.

On Monday the 30 of august, I spoke with a source who stated that TOY was now friends with TONY K and would not be attending court even if he was issued with a subpoena. The source stated that TOY would rather be charged and sent to gaol himself before attending to give evidence as a witness.

Police couldn’t find Stephen. The same day this statement is made by police, the charges against Andy Nahas are dismissed. None of these allegations were tested in court and all of the accused had their charges dropped and costs paid.

But Andy’s legal costs were already covered as Andy’s family ran a successful property development business, Nahas Constructions. The same Nahas family would eventually go on to run Coronation Property Co.

Coronation Property Co, the company that just earlier this year employed the ex-Deputy Premier of NSW, John Barilaro.

Nahas Constructions have more than one connection to this alleged kidnapping. Phone calls took place when Stephen was kidnapped between him and his mother, where he demanded fifty thousand dollars for Tony K, in exchange for not being chopped up and thrown in the river. Police alleged those calls were made on a phone that was subscribed to a provider by Nahas Constructions. They also alleged that George B, one of the co-accused was employed by Nahas Constructions. Lawyers for Andy Nahas, Joe Nahas and John Landerer confirmed this.

Connections to this event aside, the political and business connections of Nahas Constructions from around the same time are compelling. Nahas constructions donated $13,950 dollars to the Liberal Party in 2010, leading up to the 2011 election.

Yet not even the Liberal party could save them it seems, as in 2012 Nahas Constructions went bust, leaving a trail of subcontractors chasing up unpaid debts. In fact one subcontractor, Bluestone, blamed Nahas Constructions' alleged failure to pay them for their work, for their demise.

Things obviously got pretty desperate as it was reported in 2013 that standover man and Mick Gatto associate Alex Talouil was employed by desperate contractors to chase debts from Nahas Constructions.

It wasn’t looking good for the Nahas family business, Kate McClymont reported: "In October 2012 Joe Nahas who also goes by Youssef Nahas listed himself as “unemployed” on his personal insolvency agreement. This allows a debtor to come to an agreement with creditors to settle debts without becoming bankrupt."

Yet in only about a year later as reported by McClymont “In March 2014 he became a director of Coronation and two months later Nahas finalized his obligations to creditors, according to corporate records.”

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Coronation Property rose.

Coronation Property is a venture between the Nahas family and corporate lawyer and businessman John Landerer, who along with Joe Nahas became a director. Like the Nahas family John Landerer is also a Liberal Party donor, donating tens of thousands of dollars to the party over the years, including to the NSW fundraising body, the Millennium forum, the forum that got busted accepting Mafia donations and setting politicians up with developers.

But it’s not just Liberal Party these developers are connected to. Nahas Constructions also used to be the goal post sponsor of the Parramatta Eels, in fact it has been previously reported by the Sydney Morning Herald that Director Joe Nahas in 2010 had facilitated an introduction between a Parramatta Powerbroker and a member of the Obeid family. When asked by friendlyjordies about the nature of Joe’s relationship with the Obeid family, lawyers for Nahas responded:

(Joe Nahas) has 'had very limited interaction with Mr Obeid and a number of his sons more than 10 years ago and as previously advised has never met any member of Obeid family for many years.'

Coincidentally in 2016 Tony K made headlines after Parramatta Eels footballer Corey Norman and Junior Paulo, and Penrith Panther’s James Segeyaro were photographed dining with him and members of the alleged Alameddine crime family at Golden Century Chinese Restaurant. Later in the night Norman was caught in the possession of drugs in Star Casino. The footballers were issued warnings by police for consorting with criminals.

Friendlyjordies can also reveal pictures that show Andy Nahas the former secretary of Coronation Property posing for a picture with members of the alleged Alameddine Crime Family.

Fourth from the right is Andy Nahas, the man with his arm around him is John Bayssari, an Alameddine associate. Earlier this year he handed himself into police. He was charged with nine offenses, which included the usual drug possession and supply, dealing with the proceeds of crime and participating in a criminal group.

The tall man in the white shirt behind them is Masood Zakaria, another Alameddine heavyweight and now on the run as one of the most wanted men in Australia, wanted over his alleged involvement in a failed attempt to kill Ibrahem Hamze. A company he directs, Zak Services is also a shareholder in labour hire business Alpha Omega Enterprises.

We asked if Coronation or MN Builders, (the construction company directed by Andy Nahas) if they have done any business with Alpha Omega Enterprises. They didn’t answer.

On the left of Masood is Ali Younes, the cousin of the alleged head of the snake Rafat Alameddine, but he is better known by his stage name Ay Huncho. Billed as 'Australia's Most Dangerous Rapper'.

Second from the left is Joseph Vokai, alleged leader of the KVT islander gang, a gang that is aligned with the Alemeddines. He’s currently imprisoned, refused bail over the same failed plot to kill Ibrahem Hamze.

On the far left is Steve Bou-Abbsse. Police have not alleged that Bou-Abbsse is an Alameddine associate, yet he does appear alongside Masood Zakaria in a now deleted post on Ay Huncho’s instagram page.

Steve’s wife Harmony, along with co-owning a clifftop house in Vaucluse with another man called Patrick Merhi, is the director of a waterproofing company, Tier 1 Waterproofing.

Tier 1 waterproofing’s website claims that Steve is the director, yet a historical ASIC search only shows Tier 1 as having one director, Harmony. We asked if Coronation or MN Builders have done any business with Tier 1 Waterproofing. They didn’t answer directly.

Friendlyjordies presented Andy Nahas with a list of Alameddine and organised crime figures, a list that included Rafat Alameddine, we asked if he knew the men and queried about the nature of their relationships. Lawyers for Nahas did not go into any detail, but offered the following:

'Mr Andy Nahas has known some of the characters named by you socially in varying degrees, principally as he grew up in the same area a them.'

Coronation Property appears to be keen to downplay these connections. Just days after friendlyjordies first reported that Andy Nahas was convicted of assaulting a security guard, Andy was removed as secretary of Coronation Property. In response to questions regarding Andy Nahas, Coronation's lawyers responded:

'In relation to Andy Nahas' role in Coronation, while it is a matter of public record that he was a company secretary, we are instructed that he was not an employee of Coronation. We are instructed that he was made a company secretary of Coronation primarily so that he could assist in signing documents for Coronation when Mr Joe Nahas was unavailable.

Mr Andy Nahas is no longer a Company Secretary of Coronation and he was never a shareholder or director. It should be noted MN Builders Pty Ltd is a totally separate company to Coronation Property Co Pty Ltd. It, like many other companies, is a sub-contractor on building sites for Coronation.'

Despite the claim that MN Builders, the company directed by Andy, is a totally separate company to Coronation Property, the sole shareholder for MN Builders is a chain of companies that link solely back to Joseph Nahas, Andy’s brother and the co-director of Coronation Property.

MN Builders was also the subject of the Building Commissioner's recently highly publicised stop work order. In his resignation letter the Commissioner details contact made to him by John Barilaro after the order was issued.

'As advised to you I received a call from the Minister’s Office shortly after a draft order was issued on Coronation’s Merrylands Development. Shortly after that call, a message was sent to me by John Barilaro who I was advised had recently joined the Coronation Board. This contact came to me as a message on my personal phone requesting a meeting with me. I subsequently met with Mr Barilaro to answer his questions.'

Coronation Property’s recent distancing from Andy Nahas stands at odds with their advertising which bills them as a “Family-Owned Developer”. It’s also a far cry from the way Andy was treated by the leadership when he was charged with assault, wherein the other director of Coronation property and esteemed lawyer John Landerer provided the magistrate a character reference for Nahas.

'I have no hesitation in advising my opinion that the offence is a one off incident not likely ever to be repeated based on my belief that Mr Nahas is a man of honesty and integrity and proud of his family’s high standing in the community.'

It's not just the Building Commissioner that a post politics Barilaro has been organising meetings with, earlier this week friendlyjordies revealed an image of Barilaro dining with the Liberal Mayor of Liverpool Ned Mannoun and Liverpool City Council CEO Peter Diplas.

Mannoun has been one of the most vocal advocates for Coronation Property, appearing in their promotional material and opening Coronation's Paper Mill building site, posing with a golden shovel.

It appears Coronation Property and the Nahas family have friends throughout politics, business and maybe even in the Alameddine family...

No wonder that when asked what his duties were at Coronation Property, John Barilaro responded:

' be honest, learning all the ins and outs of the company'

Watch our in-depth video here.

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Little Johnny
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Perhaps the underutilised resources from the Fixated Persons Unit might be able to help out on this investigation

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