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David Crisafulli

David Crisafulli is the current leader of the Queensland Liberal National Party, having taken the role in November of 2020 following former-Leader, Deb Frecklington, standing down.

Leader of the Queensland Liberal National Party, David Crisafulli, with the text "David Crisafulli" foregrounded.

Crisafulli's Early Political Career

In 2003 Mr. Crisafulli was a ministerial media advisor for Ian Macdonald, a member of the Howard government and Senator for Queensland within the Liberal Party. In 2004 Mr. Crisafulli successfully ran for the Townsville City Council. He went on to become Deputy Mayor before running and being elected in the 2012 Queensland State Election for the seat of Mundingburra and becoming the Minister for Local Government under the Newman government. In 2017, after Ms. Frecklington became leader of the party, Mr. Crisafulli was appointed Shadow Minister for Environment, Science and the Great Barrier and Shadow MInister for Tourism.

Crisafulli's Stance on Queensland Coal Royalties

In July of 2023, in his budget reply speech, Mr. Crisafulli reportedly “backed the government’s revenue measures, including expanded coal royalties, but still criticised the tax increases at the same time, stating:

“It was a betrayal of Queensland families and those investing in our state…A deliberately deceitful plan but one tied to the attempt to revive service delivery and the cost-of-living relief Queenslanders need because of the failings of this Government…I will never stand in the way of these things.”

Other members of the opposition also expressed their opposition to the Palaszczuk government’s coal royalties.

The Courier Mail contacted Mr. Crisafulli’s office to clarify whether an LNP Government in Queensland would maintain the same taxes on coal if elected. A spokesperson for Mr. Crisafulli directed the publication back to Mr. Crisafulli’s budget reply speech.

Mr. Crisafulli has also accused the current Palaszczuk Labor Government of taking “money out of the pockets of Queenslanders” despite more revenue coming in than ever before.

In September of 2023, Mr. Crisafulli was asked several times whether voters would be informed whether or not he intended to continue with the state’s mining royalties system. Mr. Crisafulli responded:

“It was a bad plan. It was a dishonest plan. It broke the trust of the industry – but it’s been tied to the four-year forwards…So I’m not going to be irresponsible – it’s baked in for the forwards."

By this response he reportedly referred to how the scheme would remain until at least mid-2027. Mr. Crisafulli went on to state that voters would be made aware of the LNP’s “detailed tax plan” before the election.

2024 State Election

In the lead up to the 2024 state election, Mr. Crisafulli and his party have faced criticism from the current government over the 14,000 public service workers made redundant under the LNP Campbell Newman government from 2012 to 2015.

In November of 2023, Mr. Crisafulli described a 7-point plan to develop the state’s public service sector which was described as “an acknowledgement that their former government got it wrong and didn't deliver a turnaround in services.”

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