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Eddie Kocwa

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Eddie Kocwa is the owner of SCD Remanufactured Vehicles (previously SCD American Vehicles), and the co-owner of Boss Capital Holdings (BCH), which owns other companies including Boss Global Investments PTY LTD and Australian Owned PTY LTD. BCH had previously donated to the Liberal National Party of Queensland on two occasions: once in September of 2021 for $2000 and again in January of 2022 for $5000. BCH also donated $2000 to the Australian Labor Party (State of Queensland) in November of 2021. Kocwa is also the co-owner of another business AUS MV Holdings alongside business partner Matt Johns.

Mr. Kocwa was previously married to Jami Sorbello, whose father is Claude Sorbello. Mr. Sorbello is the Commercial Director of Brisbane Home Loans, an organisation which has also made donations to the Liberal National Party of Queensland totalling $3000. Mr. Sorbello has also officially endorsed Peter Dutton, having known him for the past decade.

SCD American Vehicles

The friendlyjordies team received leaked photos which appear to show the interior of the SCD building with lines of white powder spread about the counter tops. One of these photos appears to feature Mr. Kocwa wearing both an SCD branded hat and singlet. Another appears to show another man at the same counter top with a tubular item up against his nose aimed at the white powder on the counter top.

The friendlyjordies team submitted questions to Mr. Kocwa via email in regards to these photographs. Mr. Kocwa's lawyer responded to these questions noting that Mr. Kocwa was currently seeking legal advice in regards to the email and requesting that all further correspondence be directed via the lawyer's office.

After sending the same questions to Kocwa's lawyers office, the response requested the friendlyjordies team to cease and desist and noted that if the team were to "proceed with any adverse publication that is defamatory in nature, our clients reserve the rights to bring proceedings against you."

Twitter Defamation Legal Case

In 2020, Mr. Kocwa sought an interlocutory injunction against a Twitter, seeking to have tweets removed from the website, claiming that they "implied that he was a racist/white supremacist, which was argued to be extremely defamatory in nature."

The tweet in question was from Carrick Ryan (@realCarrickRyan), a former Federal Police Agent working in counter Terrorism, and was posted on the 7th of September 2019 stating:

So Peter Dutton just did a commercial for a small company called SCD American Vehicles. Perhaps these photos might give you a clue why. This is their owner, Eddie Kocwa. Suddenly it makes perfect sense.

The tweet was accompanied by images seemingly displaying Kocwa making an upside-down 'Okay' hand gesture, with his thumb and index finger touching, another of him shaking Peter Dutton's hand, and another of Kocwa wearing a red 'Make America Great Again' hat.

The Court declined to grant Mr. Kocwa his request to have the tweet, and its subsequent retweets, removed from the platforms noting that the Court was satisfied that the tweets "could be taken to mean that Mr Kocwa was a racist/white supremacist." However, the Court declined to grant Mr. Kocwa injunctive relief as the application was delayed (the tweets being first posted in 2019), and because the injunction was sought against Twitter, the corporation, and not the specific user who had posted the comments.

Mr. Kocwa hired Jamie Whitehead to pursue the Twitter Defamation case.

Jamie Whitehead

It has been alleged to the friendlyjordies team that Jamie Whitehead has been involved with several Liberal National Party figures, including Ryan Shaw, who recently withdrew his candidacy for the upcoming federal election. Leaked screen captures provided to the friendlyjordies team appear to suggest that Mr. Whitehead's law firm was at least supporting Mr. Shaw in his election campaign.


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