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Former Secretary of Coronation Property Pictured Alongside Alameddine Associates

Updated: Aug 11, 2022


Friendlyjordies has obtained pictures of Andy Nahas, the former secretary of Coronation Property Co in the company of men NSW Police allege are senior figures within the Alameddine Crime Gang.

One picture shows Ali Younes, the cousin of the alleged head of the family Rafat Alameddine, with his hand around Andy Nahas.

Younes more commonly known by his stage name “Ay Huncho” has been billed as “Australia’s most dangerous rapper”. He is currently on bail facing charges of affray, reckless grievous bodily harm, and assault. Last year Younes pled guilty to affray.

Andy Nahas was secretary of Coronation Property Co from July 2016 up until the 8th of July this year. Days prior to his resignation friendlyjordies published a story detailing an event where Nahas hit a security guard and was subsequently convicted of Assault.

Friendlyjordies also revealed that Director of Coronation Property, John Landerer, provided the presiding magistrate in the Assault case a character reference for Andy Nahas.

“I have no hesitation in advising my opinion that the offence is a one off incident not likely ever to be repeated based on my belief that Mr Nahas is a man of honesty and integrity and proud of his family’s high standing in the community”

In 2009 Nahas was also charged in relation to a kidnapping event alongside multiple Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members. Court documents viewed by friendlyjordies indicate that the charges were dismissed after the alleged victim signalled that he did not “wish to become embroiled in any criminal prosecution as a witness”, subsequently police claim they had trouble locating the victim. Costs were awarded to Nahas.

Alongside John Landerer, Andy’s brother Joseph Nahas is another director of Coronation Property Co, the company also boasted of employing ex Deputy PremierJohn Barilaro as executive director from February until June this year.

Both Barilaro and Coronation have been making headlines recently, due to June meetings between Coronation officials, Barilaro and sacked minister Eleni Petinos. Barilaro has said that he was no longer employed by Coronation when the meeting he attended occurred.

When asked by friendlyjordies what was the nature of and reason for Mr Barilaro's fairly rapid departure from Coronation? Lawyers for Coronation responded:

“Mr. Barilaro resigned from Coronation. He resigned on the grounds that he accepted the role of Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner to the Americas. He left on amicable terms.”

An in-depth investigation into Coronation Property Co by friendlyjordies is set to be released imminently.

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3 commenti

Coronation property exchanged on the two largest residential residential site acquisitions in Sydney this year.

One for $300mil in alexandria, another in st Leonard’s.

The industry is how a private residential developer of medium scale was able to afford these acquisitions.

Mi piace

This is worrying. Be careful FJ. These people truly believe they are above the law. The people of Australia very much appreciate you and your team. You have all achieved so much that is good. Labor working hard for Australians and for the first time in years I feel brighter days are ahead.

Mi piace

10 ago 2022

What do they say about 'the company you keep'?

Not sure if this makes Alameddine Crime Gang look very good in light of the company they've chosen to keep.

Mi piace
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