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Grace Tame

Grace Tame was named Australian of the Year in 2021. She is a sexual-assault survivor who was unable to publicly discuss her ordeal due to Tasmanian law. In 2019 she won a legal case allowing her to publicly identify as a rape survivor which then led to a movement of overturning similar laws in other states.

Grace Tame with the text "Grace Tame" foregrounded.

Grace Tame's Australian of the Year Speech & Meeting with Scott Morrison

Ms. Tame, speaking to the Betoota Advocate podcast, described a “perplexing” interaction with then-Prime Minister Scott Morrison following her Australian of the Year speech:

“Do you know what he said to me, right after I finished that speech and we’re in front of a wall of media? I sh*t you not, he leant over and right in my ear he goes, ‘Well, gee, I bet it felt good to get that out’.”

Mr. Morrison later defended his statement to Ms. Tame after receiving criticism from other ministers during Question Time:

“That is roughly my recollection...That was a very brave statement, that is exactly what I meant when I said that to her on that occasion.”

While addressing the National Press Club in March of 2021, Ms. Tame was asked about Mr. Morrison’s admission that he needed to speak to his wife, Jenny, regarding the allegations raised by Brittany Higgins and that Ms. Morrison had “clarified” the issue for him. She answered:

“It shouldn’t take having children to have a conscience. And, actually, on top of that, having children doesn’t guarantee a conscience.”

In January 2022 a morning tea was hosted for the Australian of the Year finalists where Ms. Tame and Mr. Morrison, shook hands. The meeting was described as “tense” and “icy” with various media outlets and Australian MPs labelling Ms. Tame as “childish and immature.”

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