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Despite "Severing All Ties," John Margerison Still Director of 10 Australian Companies

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

John Margerison is a Gold Coast-based businessman who has been described by former-Liberal MP, Stuart Robert, as a "very good friend."

John Margerison with the text "John Margerison" foregrounded.

In July 2023, Mr. Margerison was called to face a parliamentary committee inquiry investigating contracts awarded by Services Australia and the National Disability Insurance Agency, notably to Synergy360. In response to this request, Mr. Margerison's lawyers responded that he had "severed all ties" with Australia and was now living overseas.

Despite this, The Guardian has reported that Mr. Margerison still maintains a role in at least 10 Australian companies according to ASIC records, including several companies involved in the NDIS.

Mr. Margerison was both director and major shareholder of United Disability Care (UDC), a not-for-profit disability services provider. Mr. Margerison is listed as the director of two related entities, Technology Pty Ltd and DJ Property Pty Ltd.

Mr. Margerison's colleague, Mike Ribot, was appointed the director of a third related entity to UDC, Corporate Link Services Pty Ltd in December of 2022. Despite holding holding shares in UDC, Mr. Ribot has stated to The Guardian that he receives no financial benefit as a result:

“There is no benefit, financial or otherwise, to be derived from ownership of these shares. I have been involved as a business coach and consultant to UDC since 2018 and have a good understanding of the company and the disability sector... My wife Katherine and I were seen as a ‘safe set of hands’ to hold the shares in UDC during this turbulent period...We are not on the UDC board, or involved in UDC board decision making, or strategy."

With regards to Mr. Margerison having left Australia, Mr. Ribot responded:

“John is, has been... and will continue to be a friend and business associate."

What Companies is John Margerison the Director Of?

- United Disability Care

- Technology Pty Ltd.

- DJ Property Pty Ltd

- DJ Capital Holdings Pty Ltd

- DJ Capital Solutions Pty Ltd

- DJ Capital Pty Ltd

- Frontier Mortgages Pty Ltd

- MC Fraui Pty Ltd

- United Marketing Pty Ltd

- Australian Property Reserve Pty Ltd

- JM National Property Pty Ltd

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