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Liberal Party vs. Labor Party: Policies and Record Compared

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

What are the differences between Australia's two major political parties, the Liberal Party and the Labor Party? Where do the two major parties differ on policy? Are their differences in how they have handled recent crises and the economy?

The two major Australian political parties, the Liberal Party and Labor Party's logos opposed side-by-side.

Federal Response to 2019 Black Summer Bushfires

Liberal Party

During the 2019 Black Summer Bushfires, Prime Minister Scott Morrison went on a holiday to Hawaii. His office responded to questions regarding his whereabouts stating that claims he was holidaying in Hawaii were "wrong" and that his current location was "not a story".

The Liberal Party were also criticised for releasing a political advertisement regarding the bushfires. This advertisement was authorised by the Liberal Party itself, not from the Australian Government which was criticised by an integrity expert as it was potentially intended to "skirt around the government advertising rules."

The Liberal government also ignored pleas from former Emergency Leaders, including a former Fire & Rescue Commissioner, to address limitations in Australia's disaster response. These pleas included a business case, more than 12 months old, for funding fire fighting aircraft.

Labor Party

Management of COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia

Liberal Party

The Liberal Party had months to prepare for the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia and yet, as a UNSW expert claimed, "they diligently did not do anything useful."

By January 2021, 75% of all COVID-19 deaths in Australia were aged care residents, with management of both the pandemic and aged care services falling under the responsibility of the Federal Government.

Labor Party


Labor Party

Under the last Labor government, Australia was the 7th least corrupt country on earth, on par with Scandinavian nations..

Liberal Party

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