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Paul Barry | The Facts

Paul Barry is a journalist and news presenter of the ABC program Media Watch.

Paul Barry in the ABC Media Watch set with the text "Paul Barry" foregrounded.

In December of 2010 Mr. Barry joined Crikey in a full-time role working as a senior reporter and an associate editor. Speaking to Mumbrella, Mr. Barry declined to state what his salary would be but said it was "in the ballpark or a little less” than a journalist of similar experience would earn at Fairfax or News Ltd.

In 2011 Mr. Barry contributed to the The Power Index. In June of 2012, Mr. Barry was issued with $152,000 worth of shares in Private Media, the parent company of both The Power Index and Crikey. Mr. Barry left his position at Crikey in June 2013.

During a 2022 Media Watch segment covering the legal battle between Crikey and Lachlan Murdoch, Mr. Barry summarised that:

“… the stakes are high, and it’s going to be quite a fight, with the Murdoch billions and Lachlan’s reputation on one side, and Crikey’s millions and the principle of press freedom on the other. So is Crikey insane to take this on? Some think it is and suggest Lachlan will litigate them out of business. Others believe Crikey will raise millions in crowdfunding from those who hate the Murdoch media — it’s already been promised more than $300,000 — and it could emerge a winner even if it loses the case.”
"Crikey is a Melbourne-based news site with 11 journalists and around 25,000 subscribers — and I should declare I once worked for it and have a very small shareholding."

As suggested by Independent Australia, accounting for inflation, Mr. Barry's original $152,000 would be "the best part of $200,000 in today’s money." Mr. Barry is also listed in the ASIC's Current & Historical Company Extract as a "key shareholder in Private Media".

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