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Search and REA Group: News Corp's Real Estate Division

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

REA Group LTD is an international online real estate company which originated in 1995 with The corporation now employs more than 3000 employees across 3 continents and also owns and manages,,, Hometrack Australia and Smartline Home Loans and recently launched REA Group's Board of Directors includes Hamish McLennan, the Director of News Corp Australia.

A patterned background reminiscent of concrete with the News Corp Logo, the text "Real Estate Division," and the logos for REA Group and Logos foregrounded.
"The ultimate parent entity of the Group is News Corporation (News Corp), a resident of the United States of America, which owns 61.42% of REA Group Ltd via its wholly owned subsidiary News Australia Pty Limited. News Corp is listed on the NYSE. During the year, the Group sold advertising space at arm’s length terms to News Corp (or one of its related entities) and recharged promotional costs. The Group also utilised advertising and support services of News Corp (or one of its related entities) on commercial terms and conditions. "

As of 2020, REA Group saw roughly 1.4 million people visit their websites each day and roughly 10 million per month. 2020 also saw REA group earn more than $800 million in gross revenue.

As of REA Group's most recent Annual Report, their revenue has grown to $1.1 billion with their monthly visits having grown to 12.7 million. In terms of audience, the 2022 REA Annual Report states that they are the "seventh largest digital brand in the country in terms of audience, reaching 62% of Australia’s adult population."

In Asia, REA Group owns property-related websites in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Thailand. REA Group also holds significant shares in property-related websites in the US, Singapore, Indonesia and India.

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