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Leaked Images Connect SCD American Vehicles and Members of Liberal National Party

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

SCD American Vehicles (renamed SCD Remanufactured Vehicles since July 2021), is a vehicle re-manufacturer based in Brendale, Brisbane. It was expected to see a revenue of over $100 Million AUD in 2021. It is part of a wider network of companies held by Boss Capital Holdings (BCH).

The SCD American Vehicles Logo, foregrounded by owner, Eddie Kocwa, and Peter Dutton

Eddie Kocwa

Eddie Kocwa is the owner of SCD Remanufactured Vehicles. Mr. Kocwa is also the co-owner of Boss Capital Holdings (BCH), which owns other companies including Boss Global Investments PTY LTD and Australian Owned PTY LTD. BCH has previously donated to the Liberal National Party of Queensland twice, once in September of 2021 for $2000 and again in January of 2022 for $5000. BCH also donated $2000 to the Australian Labor Party (State of Queensland) in November of 2021.

Mr. Kocwa was previously married to Jami Sorbello. Ms. Sorbello's father is Claude Sorbello, who is the Commercial Director of Brisbane Home Loans. Brisbane Home Loans PTY LTD has also made donations to the Liberal National Party of Queensland across three instances in December of 2019 totalling $3000. Mr. Sorbello has also endorsed Peter Dutton, having known him for at least 10 years.

Leaked photos provided to the friendlyjordies team appear to have been taken within the SCD building with lines of white powder splayed out along counter tops. One photo featuring Mr. Kocwa wearing both an SCD branded hat and singlet show another man at the same counter top with a tubular item up against his nose directed to the counter top.

Another photo shows a whiteboard within the SCD offices where one line states "Dutton -> ATS."

SCD's Connection to Peter Dutton

In 2019, Peter Dutton was featured in a commercial ad for SCD American Vehicles. Titled 'The Baddest MP', the video features Peter Dutton arriving at SCD American Vehicles, meeting and interacting with the staff and examining the building and its vehicles with DMX's 'X Gon' Give It To Ya' played throughout.

Leaked emails between Dutton and Kocwa also reveal that Kocwa offered to assist Dutton in the 2019 election and that Kocwa lobbied Dutton's office to give SCD Remanufactured Vehicles 'essential business' status. The leaked emails show that this request was to be reviewed by the Prime Minister's office and that further communication would follow.

SCD's Connection to Papua New Guinea's NKW Holdings

Documents and screen captures provided to the friendlyjordies team appear to show that Marlen Brunskill, the CEO of NKW Holdings, received a loan for $100,000 from SCD in June of 2020. Others appear to list transactions between SCD's 0 Account and PNG Commercial Vehicles. PNG Commercial Vehicles was established by NKW Holdings and supplies vehicles to Papua New Guinea. At the time of screen capture, more than $300,000 of invoices to PNG Commercial Vehicles from SCD were unpaid, with some being already a year old.

The friendlyjordies team have also been notified that allegedly a complaint was made to the Australian Federal Police about these transactions. The friendlyjordies team attempted to contact the AFP over these concerns multiple times. The AFP responded without answering any questions and stated they "had no comment in relation to this matter."

SCD and Australian Police Service Vehicles

In July of 2021, the Australian Federal Police began testing vehicles manufactured in the United States to use as new pursuit vehicles. SCD Remanufactured vehicles imported two Dodge Chargers to Australia with the intention of converting them to right-hand drive and then loaning them to the Australian Federal Police for evaluation.

Media around the announcement also claimed that another car was also intended to be loaned to the Queensland Police Service around the same time. The friendlyjordies team reached out to the Queensland Police Service regarding this matter, and received a reply stating: "The Queensland Police Service (QPS) Fleet has not loaned, tested, sighted or procured vehicles from SCD Remanufactured Vehicles."


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Stephen Prohm
Stephen Prohm
Aug 11, 2023

When I read these articles my brain wants to see a visual timeline. Keep up the good work.


Meat Head
Meat Head
Apr 05, 2022

cleaning your bench with your nose and a rolled pineapple is a great way to save electricity costs

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