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Secretary of Coronation Property Convicted of Assault in 2017

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

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Friendlyjordies can reveal that in late 2016 Andy Nahas, the secretary of Sydney property development company Coronation Property Co was charged with Assault. In 2009 he was charged with Kidnapping. He was convicted of the Assault and the charges for the Kidnapping were withdrawn.

Coronation Property, which boasts of formerly employing ex NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro, is run by developer Joe Nahas and prominent Sydney businessman John Landerer, who is set to be questioned in court about the iProsperity "ponzi" scheme. The company claims to have over $5.3 billion worth of developments in the pipeline.

Andy Nahas, family member to Joe Nahas, has been a secretary of Coronation Property since July 2016, the same year in which he was charged with Assault.

The police alleged that the assault occurred at the Tilbury Hotel in Woolloomooloo during a work Christmas function after a “verbal argument” ensued over “derogatory comments made by the accused (Andy Nahas) towards the manager’s haircut.”

The police facts state:

“The accused failed to quit the licensed premises as requested several times by the manager and security attached to the hotel. During security’s efforts to remove the accused from the licensed premises, the accused puffed his chest out, waved his arms about, made several advancements towards the security guards, raised his voice and began swearing loudly.”

“...the accused raised his right hand and in one single motion slapped the security guard across the right side of his face. This caused the security guard the (sic) take a step back away from the accused. Several other security guards have grabbed the accused to prevent any further assaults.”

Friendlyjordies can also reveal that director of Coronation Property, John Landerer, provided the presiding magistrate a character reference for Nahas.

“I have known Mr Nahas, the Defendant, for the past 7 years both in a personal and professional capacity. Mr Nahas is a builder by profession having been involved in the construction of many multi-level apartment blocks over a number of years… I have no hesitation in advising my opinion that the offence is a one off incident not likely ever to be repeated based on my belief that Mr Nahas is a man of honesty and integrity and proud of his family’s high standing in the community”

In 2017 Andy Nahas was convicted of the assault and fined $800.

The assault charges and conviction came after Police charged Nahas along with other figures in the construction industry with what they alleged was a Bikie linked kidnapping in 2009. At the time the Sydney Morning Herald reported that police alleged that Nahas was a "Bandidos Associate". All charges against Nahas relating to that incident were ultimately withdrawn.

It was reported that earlier this year ex NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro had taken up a role as executive director of Coronation Property, advising the parliamentary ethics adviser that “there may be some level of engagement with both state and local government”.

Announcing he’d taken up the role Barilaro posted on his Linkedin:

“It’s rare in life to come across an opportunity where the vision excites you and the passion of the individuals behind the name is so infectious that it captures you. Let me introduce to you, #CoronationProperty. My next chapter begins.”

It is unknown to friendlyjordies if Barilaro was aware of the charges when he took up the role. Friendlyjordies has now been informed that Barilaro is no longer employed by Coronation Property.

Questions were posed to Andy Nahas and John Landerer. A legal threat was sent back on behalf of Andy Nahas.

The revelations come as part of a large investigation friendlyjordies has undertaken. A video with further information surrounding Coronation Property is set to be released soon.

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Jennifer Bearham
Jennifer Bearham
05 de jul. de 2022

Friendly on the side of right yet again. Keep the mongrels honest!


Looking forward to the tea Mr Friendly


Keat HJ
Keat HJ
05 de jul. de 2022


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