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Tim Smith Accuses Matthew Guy of Misleading Public Regarding Resignation

Tim Smith is the former-Shadow Attorney General for the Victorian Liberal Party. Mr. Smith resigned from this position following a drink driving incident. Subsequently, he announced he would not be re-contesting his seat of Kew in the 2022 Victorian State Election. In recent months, Mr. Smith accused the Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party and former friend, Matthew Guy, for misleading the public regarding the circumstances of his resignation.

Former Shadow Attorney General of Victoria, Tim Smith, with the text "Tim Smith" foregrounded.

Drink-Driving Car Crash

In October 2021, Mr. Smith crashed his car into a another vehicle and then the wall of a suburban home in Hawthorne. Mr. Smith was driving while under the influence, with police stating that his evidentiary breath test reported a reading of 0.131, more than twice the legal limit. Mr. Smith's licence was immediately suspended and he was fined. Following the event Mr. Smith stated that he had made a "serious error of judgement" and resigned from the shadow cabinet.

Resignation and Mixed Messages

Mr. Smith stated: "I... got completely screwed over by one person I trusted implicitly.” Following his car crash incident, Mr. Guy had allegedly said to him privately that "I can't win an election without you," and that he should re-contest his seat of Kew. This contrasts with Mr. Guy's statements to media of his "unequivocal position" that Mr. Smith should step down:

“I made it very clear to Tim that he wouldn’t find his way onto the frontbench of any parliamentary Liberal Party that I lead. And I made it clear that I didn’t want him to nominate at the next election, and that I didn’t believe he should nominate for the seat of Kew."

Criticism of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

Mr. Smith was often critical of Victoria's Labor Government and its leader, Daniel Andrews. In April of 2020 he called Mr. Andrews a "friendless loser," comparing him to the Addams Family character, Lurch. In May of 2020 Mr. Smith referred to Mr. Andrews as "Dictator Dan." In September of 2020, Mr. Smith wore a face mask with the text "DANDEMIC" written across it.

In response to these outbursts, Mr. Smith stated that he was "just doing his job as an opposition frontbencher: confronting the government."

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