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The Aussie Cossack's Confrontation with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce

In November of 2022 a video was uploaded of then-Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, being approached and filmed by the Aussie Cossack (Simeon Boikov).

The video shows Mr. Boikov getting a selfie with Mr. Joyce and asking him who he is and who he works for. As Mr. Joyce begins walking away, Mr. Boikov joins him, still recording, and asks Mr. Joyce:

“Why did you not allow the people who weren’t jabbed to not work, mate? That’s a bit of a disgrace.”

Mr. Joyce asks Mr. Boikov in return what he is doing. 

The interaction then follows:

Mr. Boikov: “Why am I doing this? I’m just getting a selfie with ya.”
Mr. Joyce: “No, you’re not. You’re just annoying.”
Mr. Boikov: “No, you’re just a disgrace!”
Mr. Joyce: “You’re just a disgrace.”
Mr. Boikov: “You just stopped your workers from working. You discriminate on medical grounds. That’s what you do.”
Mr. Joyce: “Do you enjoy doing this, just picking on people?”
Mr. Boikov: “I’m not picking on you! You pick on people! I’m calling you out, buddy.”
Mr. Joyce: “Piss off, mate.”
Mr. Boikov: “Piss off? This is going on YouTube
Mr. Joyce: “Good, go for it.”
Mr. Boikov: “Is this how the Qantas CEO talks to people who complain that…”
Mr. Joyce: “You’re annoying, so…”
Mr. Boikov: “You discriminate against the unvaccinated and we’re calling you out buddy…”
Mr. Joyce: “Mate, piss off.”
Mr. Boikov: “And you just told me to piss off on camera. What a disgrace you are!”
Mr. Joyce: “You’re a disgrace for annoying somebody just walking down the street”.
Mr. Boikov: “You’re not somebody - you’re a grub! That’s who you are, mate.”
Mr. Joyce: “F**k off.”

Mr. Boikov then laughs before commenting on having recorded the expletive on camera. 

In the interaction Mr. Boikov was referring to Qantas’ vaccine mandate which was introduced in August 2021. The mandate required all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 within the ensuing 3 months which prompted backlash from employees and members of the public.

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