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Julian Hill: "Do You Know Where John Margerison Is?"

Julian Hill is an Australian politician and a member of the Australian Labor Party. He has served as the Member for Bruce in the House of Representatives since 2016. In 2023 Mr. Hill was vocal regarding the disappearance of John Margerison and the Synergy 360 Scandal

Australian MP Julian Hill with the text "Julian Hill" foregrounded.

Synergy 360 & John Margerison

Speaking to Sky News, Mr. Hill commented on John Margerison’s disappearance on July 28th 2023:

“Well, I received a letter late last week from Mr. Margerison, Mr. John Margerison’s lawyers informing me, to my great surprise - I did have to read the paragraph about four times, couldn’t quite believe it - that Mr. Margerison, according to his lawyer, has now severed all ties with Australia and is no longer a resident of Australia and is located overseas. The matter of Mr. Margerison’s whereabouts is a great mystery but it’s pretty clear from our previous public hearings that Mr. Margerison is a key link in the questions which have still not been answered about Synergy 360, what the links are or are not to Stuart Robert and they’re matters which the Audit Committee is continuing its inquiry into. We will give proper consideration to the letter in the normal way and, you know, see what further recourse or whether we indeed may need to get to the point where we make appropriate referrals to investigative bodies with greater powers of compulsion.”

Mr. Hill was then asked to clarify if he has any idea where Mr. Margerison is, to which he responded:

“I have literally no idea where he is. I mean, you know, Scott Morrison, I think his European holiday entered its fifth week. The Australian people seem to have spotted him out and about. You know, perhaps we’ll have people spot Mr. Margerison out and about somewhere in the world but at the moment I have no idea.” 

Mr. Hill posted the exchange to X, asking:

“Do you or anyone know where Stuart Robert’s mate John Margerison is? His whereabouts remain a matter of g real mystery! #auspol

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Hi. Why is John Margerison??

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