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Bryan Legend | The Facts

Bryan Legend (legal name reportedly Bryan Seiler), is an Australian entrepreneur who has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2017. He is the founder of several cryptocurrency projects, including Safuu, Yomp, and Fitrova. He has been accused of running these projects as scams.

Bryan Legend with the the text "Bryan Legend" foregrounded.

Cryptocurrency Projects

Prior to launching Safuu, Bryan Legend had founded three other ventures which failed: Clever DeFi, Fitrova and Tagz Exchange. All three reportedly saw similar trends of seeing peaks in value before then plummeting.

According to its website, Fitrova had partnerships with various gyms including Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness and Fitness First. After being contacted, many of these gyms have reported not being associated with Fitrova at all.


In January 2022, Bryan Legend founded Safuu, a cryptocurrency project which promised investors an annual percentage yield (APY, effectively an annual return on investment) of 383,025.8%. From the launch of the project through to December 2022 the price of the crypto token fell by 99%: the token peaked at $493 in March of 2022 and by December was worth only $0.75. At time of writing, the crypto token is now worth roughly $0.10.

According to his family, Mr. Seiler engaged in fraudulent activity in his youth prior to founding cryptocurrency projects. These actions reportedly resulted in his cousin's eBay account being disabled. According to Mr. Seiler's cousin this was "because he was scamming from that, like,

selling stuff and then not actually sending it and taking the money."

According to Mr. Seiler's aunt, Mr. Seiler engaged in a similar scam with movie tickets:

"I mean that was when the internet was basically first starting, you know, there was still, we were still doing mail in those days but of course on the internet. So he would sell movie tickets to people, yeah you know, and then never send them obviously, so these people never got them..."

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