"Afghan Files" Whistleblower David McBride Still Awaiting Trial

David McBride is a whistle-blower, soldier and army lawyer currently being prosecuted after leaking details of alleged war crimes committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan to the ABC. These documents came to be known as "The Afghan Files" and the release of this information lead to a police raid of the ABC headquarters in June of 2019.

David McBride, wearing a suit, with the text "David McBride" foregrounding the image.

Mr. McBride has plead not guilty to all charges which include include theft of Commonwealth property, disclosing information without due authorisation and breaching the Defence Act. Mr. McBride is facing up to 50 years in prison as a potential result of these charges. Mr. McBride had previously attempted to bring the allegations to light through both internal complaint processes within the Australian military and the Australian Federal Police.

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