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Max Chandler-Mather

Max Chandler-Mather is the Federal Representative for the seat of Griffith in Brisbane and a member of The Greens. Shortly after being elected to parliament Mr. Chandler-Mather was appointed as The Greens’ spokesperson on housing and homelessness. Mr. Chandler-Mather is married to Joanna Horton, Secretary of The Greens’ South Brisbane branch. In November of 2023 Ms. Horton gave birth to the couple's first child.

Max Chandler-Mather sitting in an armchair with the text "Max Chandler-Mather" foregrounded.

Mr. Chandler-Mather was originally a member of the Australian Labor Party as were his parents. Reportedly he became disenfranchised with the Labor Party after not seeing “action on the issues he cared about,” notably immigration, and was “appalled” that offshore processing of asylum seekers was renewed under then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s government.

Serious Danger Podcast Appearance

In 2023 Mr. Chandler-Mather joined the Serious Danger podcast hosted by Tom Ballard. During the podcast Mr. Ballard asked his guest about the Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese’s, perspective on government versus the “fresh eyes” of Mr. Chandler-Mather to which he responded:

“Yeah, that’s right, I’m not sure what he thinks to be honest. That seems like a kind reading. I don’t think they…”

Mr. Ballard then interjected amidst the live audience’s laughter:

“No, you’re right, he’s a dumb c**t.”

“Personal Attacks” in Parliament

In May of 2023 the Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, made reference to Mr. Chandler-Mather in what was described as an “evisceration” and “excoriation of [the] Greens housing spokesman”:

“Let me talk to you about the Greens’ spokesperson on housing. You know, he’s had a taste of the media spotlight…Your spokesperson on housing is now prioritising media attention from stunts and obstruction over housing for women and kids fleeing domestic violence. How shameful."

Ms. Wong went on to state that Mr. Chandler-Mather’s “ego matters more than housing for women fleeing domestic violence and older women at risk of homelessness,” before asking the cross bench senators “What sort of party are you?” Ms. Wong later withdrew her comments.

Mr. Chandler-Mather reportedly “shrugged off” the comments but expressed his incredulity at the government’s housing policy:

“It is genuinely remarkable that we have to fight this hard when the government can find $4.2 billion for a budget surplus, when they can find $254 billion for the stage three tax cuts, but they can’t find a few extra billion dollars to invest in public and affordable housing in the middle of the worst housing crisis in a generation.”

On the last sitting day of parliament before the winter break of 2023, a “particularly tense discussion” regarding housing policy took place. Following the exchange Mr. Albanese reportedly said to Mr. Chandler-Mather “you're a joke, mate” as he left the chamber.

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