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What is the "Murdoch Press"?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

In Australia the term "the Murdoch press" refers to media outlets and publications that are owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Australia or have significant ties to it. Rupert Murdoch is a prominent media mogul who has built a vast global media empire, which includes various newspapers, television networks, and other media assets in Australia, The United Kingdom and The United States. In Australia, the Murdoch press is primarily represented by two major entities.

Ruper Murdoch wearing a suit and with hands expressed outward foregrounding a stack of various Australian newspapers including The Australian, The Sunday Telegraph, The Advertiser and the Herald Sun. The text "The "Murdoch Press"" is foregrounded.

News Corp Australia Newspapers

News Corp Australia is a subsidiary of News Corporation. It is one of the largest media conglomerates in Australia and operates numerous newspapers and digital publications across the country. Some of the prominent publications under News Corp Australia include:

  • The Australian: A national newspaper often regarded as the flagship publication of the Murdoch press.

  • The Daily Telegraph: A tabloid newspaper based in Sydney.

  • Herald Sun: A tabloid newspaper based in Melbourne.

Sky News Australia

Sky News Australia is a 24-hour cable and satellite news channel that is also owned by News Corp Australia via a subsidiary, Australian News Channel. It provides news and current affairs coverage and features various programs hosted by prominent media figures aligned with Murdoch's conservative viewpoints.

Several prominent media figures associated with the Murdoch press in Australia include:

  • Lachlan Murdoch: Rupert Murdoch's son, who serves as the executive chairman and CEO of the Fox Corporation, which includes News Corp Australia.

  • Paul Murray: A television presenter and commentator on Sky News Australia, known for hosting opinion-based programs.

  • Andrew Bolt: A conservative columnist and television presenter associated with the Murdoch press, known for his right-wing political views.

The Murdoch press has often been criticised by alternative media outlets for its alleged editorial bias and influence on public opinion due to its dominant position in the Australian media landscape.

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