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Sharri Markson

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Sharri Markson is an Australian journalist and author, working as Investigations Editor at The Australian and host of the Sky News program Sharri. Ms. Markson has previously written or reported for The Sunday Telegraph, The Seven Network, Cleo, and The Daily Telegraph.

Sharri Markson with the text "Sharri Markson" foregrounded.

The Alleged Bullying of Kimberley Kitching

Following the death of Labor MP, Kimberley Kitching, Ms. Markson reported in The Australian that several high-ranking members of the Labor Party, a group of "mean girls," had bullied Ms. Kitching in the lead up to her death.

Reporting of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ms. Markson has also written and reported extensively on the COVID-19 pandemic, culminating in a Sky News documentary, What Really Happened in Wuhan. The documentary drew 260,000 viewers and was Sky News' most popular program of 2021.

Ms. Markson reported that a Chinese whistleblower claimed they attempted to warn the United States government about COVID-19 five months before the World Health Organisation declared the virus a pandemic.

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