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Whistleblower Troy Stolz's ClubsNSW Case to Continue Into Next Year

Troy Stolz is a whistleblower, former compliance officer and head of anti-money laundering for ClubsNSW. ClubsNSW has sued Mr. Stolz for allegedly leaking documents to journalists and Andrew Wilkie which revealed that up to up to 95% of venues in NSW were not compliant with counter-terrorism finance and money laundering law. A NSW Crime Commission task force has since also found that “billions of the $95 billion (pokies turnover in NSW pubs and clubs last year) likely the proceeds of crime.” Mr. Stolz has in turn sued ClubsNSW seeking damages for defamation and payments related to various workplace claims. Mr. Stolz has also recently expressed his support for the NSW Greens plan to phase out pokies and gaming machines from venues.

Whistleblower Troy Stolz with the text "Troy Stolz" foregrounded.

In December of 2022, Mr. Stolz appeared in court for 5-days of cross-examination by ClubsNSW's defence lawyers. ClubsNSW lawyer Michael Seck questioned Mr. Stolz on his contacting of a staffer for Mr. Wilkie and not the MP himself. He also questioned Mr. Stolz regarding his drinking behaviour and his memories before his resignation from ClubsNSW:

“Seck: You can’t tell me what days and what times you were affected by having drunk a few bourbons? Anytime you give evidence about events which occurred in October or November 2019, would it be fair to say that there was a strong possibility that you were affected by alcohol as a result of drinking?”
“Stolz: I’ve had problems answering some more recent questions, but, you know, five rounds of radiation and eight rounds of chemo will do that to you. So not necessarily alcohol. But if you’ve experienced chemo, you might understand.”

Mr. Stolz is currently suffering from Stage 4 Bone Cancer. Following his court attendance, Mr. Stolz then “ended back in hospital on the weekend,” suffering from chest pains and shortness of breath as a result of his chemotherapy treatments.

On Wednesday the 14th of December Anne Fitzgerald, Mr. Stolz’s former manager and the ClubsNSW staffer who personally hired Mr. Stolz into his role as their anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing compliance manager, was cross-examined and questioned regarding alleged “ring-fencing” of Mr. Stolz by ClubsNSW.

After working for ClubsNSW, Mr. Stolz became employed by Initialism, an anti-money laundering compliance company. Ms. Fitzgerald provided evidence that ClubsNSW was “conducting an internal investigation” into Mr. Stolz and had contacted Mr. Stolz’s new employer.

One email, which Ms. Fitzgerald had sent to Mr. Stolz’s new boss, Neil Jeans, read “As you can imagine we cannot now support any company that Troy is offering.” Ms. Fitzgerald then thanked Mr. Jeans for restricting Mr. Stolz from working within NSW: “I believe you have informed Jim [Terrie] for not using Troy in NSW Clubs and I thank you for that.”

According to Callum Foote for Michael West Media, “this was a part of a deliberate plan initiated by the former ClubsNSW CEO Anthony Ball to ice Stolz out of NSW.” Another email read:

“Guys anyone who is happy to work with Mr Stolz knowing what they know isn’t for us. We need a plan to deal with them.”

Three additional hearing days have been added for February 2023 with final oral submissions scheduled for the following month.

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